SOFI-ART Chrome Glitter 1oz – Holo Gray Blue – GLS004



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SOFI-ART Chrome Glitter Collection

  • ?The perfect holographic powder glitter is for all your creativity colors.
  • ?You could use as dipping powder system, chrome system, or mixing with acrylic powders all in 1 jar with different colors for each use.
  • ?It can be used for endless designs.
  • ?Perfect for a colorful and sparkling manicure!
  • Size:?1oz / 28g jar
  • Use it over a white base or matchable colors with holographic

Instructions for Gel (Sugar Dust Effect):

  • Apply Gel base color (optional)
  • Apply a layer of?SOFIGLAZE No Wipe Chrome Effect Top Gel?or other brand adhesive gel
  • Sprinkle with glitter
  • Shake off excess glitter
  • Cure with UV/LED lamp
  • Apply?SOFIGLAZE No Wipe Top Gel?on the tips or the entire nail & cure (optional).

Instructions for Gel (Burnish Effect):

  • Apply base color or a layer of?SOFIGLAZE No Wipe Chrome Effect Top Gel?& cure
  • Rub glitters over the tacky layer of cured gel
  • Dust off excess glitter
  • Repeat step 1-3 for more glitter coverage
  • Apply?SOFIGLAZE No Wipe Top Gel?& cure