CHRISTRIO 3D Gel 0.25oz – Pink Poppy #C009


CHRISTRIO 3D Gel - Pink Poppy C009 - 0.25oz

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3D Gel Now available in a larger size, our amazing 3D Gel is in high demand! Choose from 25 super high pigmented colors. Our thick, gum paste like Gel is perfect for creating beautiful 3D and raised designs. Our innovative formula allows the nail artist to create their design with absolutely no time restraint. 3D Gel will only cure when placed under an LED or UV light. If you are creating a design and are not happy with it, simply wipe the design and start over?its as easy as that! Create designs like with acrylic, but without the hassle of working fast and the dreaded monomer odor! No mess-ups with Christrio?s unique 3D Gel! * We recommend using our Basic One Wiping Solution or a small amount of alcohol to allow more fluiditiy when working with our 3D Gel. If you have any questions, please email us at VIEW ALL 25 COLORS BELOW Size : 7grams