SOFI-ART Design Adhesive Gel Soak Off / Soft Gel Tips (15 ml) ✨ SQUARE NUDE PEACH BOTTLE Limited



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SOFI-ART Design Adhesive for Gel Tips
▪️ All new soak off soft gel adhesive formulated to apply gel tips quick and easy!
▪️ Cute, minimal, and trendy packaging that is sure to catch yours and the client’s attention😍
▪️ Helps to create a strong bond between the natural nail and artificial nail to prevent lifting and popping off all while providing extra strength and durability✨
▪️ Fast application, long-lasting, and easy non-damaging removal! Can last up to 5 weeks if applied properly- no lifting! 15-20 minute soak off removal with acetone or polish remover; complete soak off helps to ensure there is no nail damage 😉
▪️ Works with all brands of gel tips💅🏻
▪️ Can also be used to apply rhinestones and do gel dip powder system!
▪️ 0.6Oz bottle - bigger than most standard size gels!